Instantor® Compression Fittings

Sanbra Fyffe is Ireland’s leading manufacturer & distributor of plumbing products. Sanbra Fyffe have been in business since 1934 and in that time has built a reputation for quality products and first class customer service.

The Instantor® compression range is manufactured to I.S EN 1254-2 and compliance to this standard is independently certified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (N.S.A.I).

Below is a section from the standard:

“The fittings described in I.S EN 1254-2 are for use in conjunction with copper pipe specified in I.S EN 1057:1996 ‘Copper and Copper Alloys’ – Seamless round copper tubes for water and gas in sanitary and heating applications.”

The Instantor® range is stamped I.S EN 1254-2 which is a guarantee that they are manufactured to the above standard. Instantor® fittings are and have been widely used on hot and cold water, low pressure steam, natural gas and LPG installations for many years by their large customer base without incident.


New Zealand Standard (Gas Installations)

AS/NZS 5601.1 2013, Section 4.0 Materials, Fittings & Components,4.4 PROHIBITED TYPES OF JOINTS AND FITTINGS clearly states that:

The following fittings or jointing systems shall not be used in consumer piping:

(c) Compression fittings with metallic olives if not approved by the manufacturer for use with gas.

As mentioned above Instantor® Compression Fittings are approved by Sanbra Fyffe who are the manufacturer and are therefore approved for use with gas.

Uni-Gas Jointing Compound

Ideal for sealing of threaded joints for use with natural gas,bottled gas, potable water and hot water, compressed air and cooling. Non-hardening jointing compound best used with a combination of hemp. 360 gram tub.

Approved in accordance with DIN 30660, German Water Authority DIN – DVGW, EN751-2.

DG2116: Toxin free & approval for all 3 Gas types.

Gas Use: Pressure 4 Bar. Temperature 80°C.

Potable Drinking Water: Pressure 16 Bar (Hot 6 Bar). Temperature: 95°C  & 135°C Hot water.

Compressed Air: Pressure 40 Bar.

Steam: Temperature 140°C.